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Review scenario “2. Is Technology Making Us Dumber or Smarter” in the “Making Business Decisions” section at the end of Ch. 1 of Business Driven Technology.Is technology increasing or decreasing effectiveness? Pick Side A or B and explain why you picked that side of the debate.After submitting your response, respond to at least three classmates who picked side A or who picked side B. Respectfully discuss the pros and cons of their position.Students need to contribute three substantive posts in this discussion by the due date indicated. The substantive posts can be any combination of responses and replies.Scenario 22. Is Technology Making Us Dumber or Smarter?There are numerous articles on how Facebook can make you dumber and Twitter can impede your ability to make sound decisions. Do you believe technology is making mankind dumber? Choose a side and debate the following:Side A Living in the information age has made us smarter because we have a huge wealth of knowledge at our fingertips whenever or wherever we need it.Side B Living in the information age has caused people to become lazy and dumber because they are no longer building up their memory banks to solve problems; machines give them the answers they need to solve problems.Peer 1Hello,I think technology makes us both smarter and dumber. It depends on the individual and how they manipulate it. Technology is a great thing if you are using it for work to send information and communicate, at a faster speed. On the other side of the coin technology can hurt us as well, example is that my son was asking how to do a problem in math for the 4th grade, i honestly didnt know or forgot how to do it therefore i looked up the way to do it and solved it him. he noticed that and decided thats the way to go, not listen and concentrate in class because you can go home and google the math from there. I think its a two sided coin, really depends on the user and how they use the technology. Yes it can make us smarter because information is at our finger tips and dumber/lazier because we would depend on it for our lights, starting our vehicles in the winter etc. Overall I would side with side B. I think there should be some type of discipline in line or a balance of both. Good topic overall.https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/mr-personality/201305/is-technology-making-us-stupid-and-smarterPeer 2Hello everyone!” Is Technology Making us Dumber or Smarter?” “Is technology increasing or decreasing effectiveness?” Like everything else it has pros and cons and this one is a two way street it all depends on the humans how they choose technology for good or bad. But I am going to view this in a Business perspective way and say A it is increasing effectiveness and humans are smarter in using it for success in an organization.Example 1: If an organization is customer driven they are able to storage and analyze what customers like and want by using feed backs, surveys, social media, they can market products in ways that they was not able to before. This helps an organization stay competitive and become successful with existing customers and new customers.Example 2: Communication this has really come a long way. Mail takes long to receive and it still does, emails are fast way to communicate. Humans are able to have conferences and save cost of flying, saves money in training, HR people are able to communicate by Skyping, Google Hangouts. Humans are able to communicate with family members by social media, messenger, facetime. Communication has increased effectively and still growing cell phones are able to go anywhere you can use them for emergencies.Humans have got smarter business wise.Peer 3I have to agree with both sides it’s something me and my friends speak on constantly I was just speaking on things I learned when I was a child that I don’t remember how to do any more like send a letter Like why would I know this now a days I can pay my bills on line bank online no need for me to send a letter anymore with fax or email I don’t think that it’s making use dumber but times are evolving where we don’t have to know how to do certain things anymore everything is at our fingertips from our smart phone to other devices we use on a daily basis. For Me I watch my son as he use his I pad and other device from an early age I can watch him use an IPad I believe he was 3 or 4 pulling up a toy he wanted and trying to convince me to get it for him he didn’t have to convince me that much I surprised at his age who know how to look up what he want and no that he older he can do his book reports on iPad if he don’t understand a math problem I like how he know he can look up his 4 grade math problems on you tube and he can get an understanding I think Technology is not making us dumber but we are getting smarter going back to my point I think it’s make us not have to retain as much as we used to like me I can’t send a letter but I can look it up and see what goes where if I need to it’s easier to for us to look up the information that we need to know we to know no something can make us not as knowledgeable if always look to social media to get our information from and not any other news outlet or tech outlet if we on facebook all day. For me it’s hard to say I see both sides.Purchase the answer to view it
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