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ARTICLE (Is aspirin associated with diabetic retinopathy? The Singapore Epidemiology of Eye Disease (SEED) study)PROFESSOR SAID CAN USE GUIDE IN EPIDEMIOLOGY IN PUBLIC HEALTH BY ANN ASCHENGRAU 3RD EDITION CH 14 Study Guide for the Article CritiqueReminders:· Before opening the critique questions · As indicated by your teacher, use the guidelines in Chapter 14 of the text as well as information that has been discussed throughout the course to analyze the article.· The checklist on pg. 365 of the text may help guide you for the critique. o Exhibit 14-1 Outline for Critiquing Epidemiologic Studies· Once you have read the article and are able to articulate answers in your mind for the questions provided on pg. 365 then you may open up · You will randomly receive 15 questions about the article to answer. These are short-answered questions and are presented in a “test” format.o Please make sure your responses meet academic writing standards.o Responses do not need citations or referenceso Each question is worth 5 pointso Partial credit is possible· You are being given 2 hours to complete the questions and submit them to Blackboard. Please note that once you have opened the critique, the 2-hour time window starts and does not stop. Please be mindful of this and ensure that you are prepared and have time available to complete the critique before opening it.· Questions that are answered after the 2-hour time window will not be graded.· It is a relatively short research article to read so please do not feel overwhelmed Questions may include the following:· Ethical concerns· Effect modifiers· Strength of association· Information bias· Inclusion criteria · Exclusion criteria· Data collection methods· Statistical test used· Selection bias· Statistical significance· Future implications· Social change implications· Research question being asked· Outcome of interest· Study limitations· Study designs· Representation of the populationTips for Success:· It is important to note that research articles are comprised of the following sections:o Titleo Abstracto Introductiono Materials and Methodso Resultso Conclusions/Discussiono Bibliography· Typically, each section you are able to find particular information pertaining to the research question, study design, population, etc.:o Abstract:§ Here you would find a short summary of the entire paper. It should include goals and objectives, results, and conclusions. This is usually the last part of the paper to be written.o Introduction:§ It provides background on the topic, review of the literature, focus and purpose of the paper, overview of what is contained in the paper, outcome of interest, and the research question being asked.o Methods:§ This section describes what the researcher did and how the researcher did it. Within the methods you will be able to determine the population, where they gathered the participants of the study, data collection methods: interview, questionnaire, focus group, etc., statistical tests used, and study design used.§ In this section you may also be able to gauge selection bias, information bias, inclusion/exclusion criteria, ethical concerns, and the effect modifier.o Results:§ This section simply provides the results from the statistical analysis (not an interpretation of the results). This may be displayed through graphs or tables. It will indicate whether the results are considered statistically significant or not.o Discussion/Conclusion:§ The discussion goes over what the results mean and why the results may have ended up as they have. The researcher is able to discuss take home messages, interesting observations, future implications, social change implications, what worked, and what did not work. In this portion, the reader may be able to gauge bias or ethical concerns that the researcher may have noted Purchase the answer to view it
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