Ventral side

Ventral side

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I need support with this Health & Medical question so I can learn better.

Peer Response 1

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Ventral side
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Part 1

I’m external (superior), located in the anterior/ventral side.

I’m used when you are using your phone and I can get damaged if you spend too much time in it. 

Part 2

Pathology is the study of disease (path-disease) throughout times science has been discovering many diseases and its causes by examinations. 

There are many modes of transmission for example:

Indirect contact- contact with a surface      that is contaminated

Blood borne-  (contact with infected      blood)

Droplet- (by coughing or sneezing)

Food borne and Waterborne- (germs in the      air)

Vector-borne- (an insect bite) 

Depending the mode of transmission is how a person or group can be contaminated, it is important to know all these types of transmission so we can take care of ourselves when we are around contaminated people, or environment. Many people have been impacted by these modes of transmission, like now days with Covid-19, people are more aware, and decide the use of a face mask to stop the spreading of this suddenly virus. In my point of view, it is important for us to know all these information because a consequence of a simple distraction contact can result in a contamination. Like I said in the beginning science examines every disease, and some of the types of diseases are classified:

Idiopathic disorder (without known cause)

Nosocomial infection (acquired in a      hospital place or clinic)

Organic disorder (physical changes in the      body, Ex. Chicken pox.) 

To conclude, for those words that are not commonly used, we can try and break down the word, to be able to find the meaning and start using them more often between family and friends.

  1. Peer Response 2

Part 1: I am located in the right upper quadrant, inferior and posterior to the liver. If I am removed don’t you quiver, you’ll just have to eat a less fatty dinner. 

  1. Part 2: In order to understand the concept of pathology and the terms associated with it one must understand what pathology is. When I hear the word pathology I make the connection with pathogens which can be a virus or bacteria that causes diseases. A simple break down of a pathologist is a disease specialist. Other terms associated with pathology are etiology which is the study of the causes of diseases, transmission the spread of a disease and lastly contamination a possibility that a pathogen is present.

There are several modes of transmission : indirect contact, bloodborne, droplet,  airborne, food-borne and waterborne, and vector-borne. Most of the terms are self explanatory as to how a disease can be spread. The only one that I had never heard of was vector-borne, which now I know is when a disease is spread by an insect or animal. I knew that mosquitoes could transmit diseases, I just never knew the proper term.

  1. Infections, illnesses and some disorders fall under the category of disease. I was curious on what types of disorders would fall under idiopathic disorder. I found idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis to be a type of lung disease that results in scarring of the lungs with no explanation. There are different factors that can contribute to what can cause such a disease. however there is no current cure for such a disease. The only way to describe all of these different terms is to educate myself with them so I can spread knowledge and make it easier for others to understand the meanings

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