Topic: Families Discussion

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Topic: Families Discussion
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This is a Masters of Special Education course. For this assignment, the focus is all on families! You will learn about the importance of fostering productive partnerships between school personnel and families. You will also take a close look at the ways families are either empowered or disenfranchised when it comes to participating in IEP meetings.
In addition to completing this “Families Discussion” assignment, you should read and review the following six (6) readings I have uploaded for you below:
1.) Turnbull, A., Turnbull, H. R., Turnbull, E. J., Erwin, E. J., Soodak, L. C., & Shogren, K. A. (2014). Families, professionals, and exceptionality: Positive outcomes through partnerships and trust. New York: Pearson, Chapter 8.
2.) Kalyanpur, M., & Harry, B. (1999). Culture in special education: Building reciprocal family-professional relationships. Baltimore: Brookes Publishing Co., Chapter 3.
3.) Cheatham, G., & Milagros Santos, R. (2011). Collaborating with families from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Young Children, 66(5), 76-82.
4.) Cheatham, G., & Milagros Santos, R. (n.d.). Why won’t they just cooperate: Understanding how cultural values impact how we team with families. In Young Exceptional Children (Vol. 11).
5.) Cheatham, G., & Ro, Y. (2011). Communication between early educators and parents who speak English as a second language as a second language a semantic and pragmatic perspective. Early Childhood Education, 39, 249-256.
6.) Cheatham, G., & Ostrosky, M. (2009). Listening for details of talk: Early childhood parent-teacher conference communication facilitators. Young Exceptional Children,13(36), 36-49.
Families Discussion Assignment:
In this discussion, please reflect on the assigned readings for this assignment by answering the following question:
“What are the big ideas that these readings convey about collaborating and communicating with families of students with disabilities?”
– Respond to the initial question listed above.
– Your response should be a minimum of four to six sentences in length.
– Your response should include key terms, vocabulary, or concepts used in the readings.

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