1THE PERFECT MANAGER ESSAYNAME:INSTITUTIONCOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLE:INSTRUCTOR’S NAME:DUE DATE:2THE PERFECT MANAGER ESSAYFor this paper, we will be seeking to understand the potential traits of a perfect managerthat could help an organization to undergo all the organizational growth stages. Based on myprevious research, many steps of organizational growth has been shown; however, the popularones include;First: new ventureFor a manager to be successful at this stage, they should be visionary and future-oriented.The manager during a new venture should understand the future needs of the buyers and look forpotential weaknesses. Additionally, in the current system, the existing weaknesses should beexploited and turned into strengths by visionary managers. Primack et al. (2021).Second: expansionFor this stage, the idea may have already been prepared for marketplace launch.However, the visionary leader must have the above to keep up the company’s expectations beforedelivering the product and meet customer’s expectations, therefore increasing sales. Additionally,the manager should engage in teamwork, motivation, and staff training.Third: professionalizationRequirements of efficient operation mark this stage; therefore, some skills that themanager should have include problem-solving, teamwork, ability to make decisions, etc. Inaddition, the other employees should be continuously motivated by managers with goodinterpersonal skills and allow open commu … Purchase document to see full attachment

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