1THE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COMPONENTSNAME:INSTITUTIONCOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLE:INSTRUCTOR’S NAME:DUE DATE:2THE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COMPONENTSA good business manager is often required to achieve an organization’s long-termobjectives and remains financially stable. Despite being the project being income-generating ornot, professional, academic, etc., managers ensure that the activities are correctly running and donot stall. Therefore for this course, we will be seeking to address five crucial areas orcomponents that are among the tasks of a manager. They include “planning, organizing, staffing,directing and controlling.” However, these parts work coherently, and in case any fails, the entireadministration fails. Therefore, based on my management and career experience, I will beexplaining these components in detail.PlanningThe manager engages in planning activities to prevent events of poor performance. Wehave previously understood that the business world is highly revolving and dynamic. Hence, thiscomponent first requires one to be a good researcher and know where they want theirorganization to grow. Therefore, the manager is tasked with understanding the various course ofactions and appropriate methods to achieve the activities in the planning phase. Consequently,the questions one asks some questions include; what, when, how, where, who etc., in myprevious workstation; as the manager, I was tasked with planning and allocating routine duties tothe … Purchase document to see full attachment

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