Statistical Application: Summarizing Data

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Are you ready for more practice using SPSS and interpreting data? Remember, there is power in numbers, and statistics help foster our understanding of what is truly significant. This can help to guide us in practice, articulate needs, and celebrate positive outcomes with clients, students, or supervisees.Review the “Chapter Summary Organized by Learning Objective” section in each Privitera chapter. These pages will provide you with a general overview of each chapter and may offer an additional perspective on learning the materials. For this discussion, answer each of the questions below. Remember to answer all of the questions listed. Answer the questions in complete sentences and number each question to correspond with the question number in the text. Remember to place all answers in APA style, and pay special attention to technical notations and formatting.• Complete questions 25, 27, 29 in Chapter 3, “End of Chapter Problems,” pages 89–93. Provide a rationale for each of your answers.• Complete questions 9 and 25 in Chapter 4, “End of Chapter Problems,” pages 117–120. Place the data into SPSS and utilize the output to answer the questions.o Post and interpret the output as part of your answer to the questions.o Remember to utilize the SPSS In Focus section to help you practice using SPSS.• Discuss any successes, shortcuts, challenges, or difficulties you had when completing the problems.Be sure to include your output tables in your discussion.QUESTIONS:25. The researchers realize that the scale was not accurate for the individual weighing 300 pounds, so they reweigh that individual and record 250 pounds. Will the mean increase or decrease in this situation?27. Using the original example of five weights, the researchers add a sixth participant to the sample.If the sixth participant weighs 240 pounds, will the mean increase, decrease, or not change?If the sixth participant weighs 200 pounds, will the mean increase, decrease, or not change?If the sixth participant weighs 180 pounds, will the mean increase, decrease, or not change?29. Family income in the middle class. Bauer et al. (2011) identified the median income of a middle-class family in their sample to be $84,200 annually; the mean family income was $85,300 annually. In their data, the lowest family income reported in this group was $65,100 annually, and the highest family income reported was $103,400 annually. Based on the data given, was the mean an appropriate value to summarize these data? Explain.QUESTIONS:9. Based on the empirical rule, what percentage of data fall within 1 SD, 2 SD, and 3 SD of the mean for data that are distributed normally?25. An expert reviews a sample of 10 scientific articles (n = 10) and records the following number of errors in each article: 0, 4, 2, 8, 2, 3, 1, 0, 5, and 7. Compute the SS, the variance, and the standard deviation for this sample using the definitional and computational formulas.Purchase the answer to view it
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