Sound Lab

Sound Lab
Project description
This is the direction for the lab
What is the speed of sound in the room? What is the speed of sound outside? How do these two values compare? Explain, compare and contrast the difference between the speed of sound in the room versus outside and account for why they’re different in terms of each other and the standard speed of sound at STP.
• Using your speed of sound, I want to also see a graph of wavelength versus frequency for the different sound waves generated by the tuning forks. Wavelengths should be theoretical calculations.
[I. Introduction (20 points)]
Theoretical background required for the lab (this is where required equations go). Talk about theoretical expectations.
[II. Experimental Methods or Procedures (25 points)]
Record and discuss EXACTLY what you did. What you used, how you performed the lab, how you recorded data, etc.
Include a diagram, title it and label it!
If you are calculating something in results; you should use the equation mentioned in the introduction and then show the solution for solving for the desired variable(s).
If there are multiple calculations; show work once. If possible, try to not substitute values in when showing work, try to keep the solution in variables. If you do substitute values, don’t forget to show units.
[III. Results (35 points)]
Organize your data into data tables and/or graphs.
Discuss observations and experimental results.
[IV. Conclusion (20 points)]
Discuss theoretical expectations versus experimental results. Don’t forget to reference specific data.
Account for error.

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