Social changes in the society

1Social Changes in the SocietyStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationCourse Number and NameInstructor’s NameAssignment Due Date2AbstractChange is a constant in our life, and we have gone through phases of development fromearly adolescence, maturity, and advanced age. Similarly, we receive primary, secondary, andpost-secondary education at various points in our lives. In a similar vein, the society in which welive undergoes many changes. Throughout history, human society has progressed frompreliterate to modern social systems. Hunter-gatherer societies gave way to horticultural,agricultural, industrial/contemporary, and post-modern civilizations. Civilizations, emperors,kingdoms, and epochs have all risen and collapsed throughout history. Nonetheless, the notion ofsocial socio-cultural communities and social connections has developed to reflect the knowledgestructures of each epoch’s society.3IntroductionChange is widely believed to be the sole constant phenomenon, and just as changes occurin the natural surroundings, changes occur in human civilization (Varnum et al., 2017). Becausesocial change is a constant and unavoidable phenomenon, no human society can remainrelatively static for long. Change can occur in all aspects of society or some aspects of the socialstructure. Alternatively, societal change in society may bring along attendant social difficulties,necessitating the need for a higher adaptive capability of modern culture to chang … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Social changes in the society
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