Soc final paper

Soc final paper
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Please try to use sources from online (not from a hard copy like a book).
Based on the literature review and the project proposal attached, please write 5 page body parts of the final version. The final version should include the literature review that you worked on previously. Therefore, the paper can be 7 pages at least once you put everything together.
This paper should be 7-9 pages in length, and should be in the APA format. This paper should be a coherent presentation of the findings of the research of the student connected to one of the theoretical positions presented in the text with a defensible interpretation of the relevance of the findings to social science. Each student will have had the opportunity to meet individually with the instructor for help developing the content of the term paper. The final submission should also include a title page, an abstract page, a reference page with sources in APA format, all of which are to be included in the page count. You should have at least three sources in addition to the textbook. The body of the paper should be 4-6 pages, and page numbering, a running header, and any visual representations (graphs, charts, etc.) should be included in the body of the paper. Points will be deducted for errors in theory, method, format, grammar and punctuation in the grading process for the final submission, which is worth 100 points. Points will also be deducted for papers that do not meet the minimum length requirement.

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