Shield Immunity

Shield Immunity


  1. Define Herd Immunity (Shield Immunity) and how Natural Herd Immunity is established:
  2. Vaccines are also used to establish Herd Immunity.Does vaccination benefit the individual or the community (discuss).
  3. What are the two most important aspects of Vaccine performance which are evaluated by the FDA when approving a vaccine?
  4. What are the risks of establishing Herd Immunity naturally?Contrast these to the risks of establishing Herd Immunity through vaccination.
  5. Should vaccination of all individuals in a community be mandated by authorities (government? Business? Educational Institution)?When does the good of the collective outweigh the individual rights?When/where do the rights of the individual outweigh the good to the collective?
  6. Should the Government mandate vaccination against Covid-19 (If a vaccine is approved and deemed safe and has adequate efficacy)?Why?Why not? Under what conditions?

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