SENIOR FOUR Maths Question Paper Set 1

SENIOR FOUR SET 1SECTION A (40 MARKS)ATTEMPT ALL QUESTIONS IN THIS SECTION1.Given that m*n = m²-3n², evaluate(i)(ii) *-5(9*-5) * 24marksSolve the inequality 3(2x-1) ≤5x+2 and hence show the solution on a numberline.4marksUse factorization method to solve the quadratic equation 2x²-4x – 30 = 04marks−4 3Given that matrixp = (), find Pˉ¹ the inverse of P2 1Solve for x in the equationx−136.−3−2×5=x24 marksThe numbers 5, 6 and 7 are arranged in a random order to form a three digitnumber. If no digit is repeated in any number formed;(a). Write down the possibility space for the numbers formed.7.(b) Find the probability that the number formed is an even number4marksBy using Matrix method, solve the simultaneous equations:4x – y = 93x + 2y = 44marks18.Make b the single subject in the equation_p= √9.4marks −5 − In the figure below, O is the centre of the circle, angle OAB=20˚ and obtuseangle AOC =120˚.Find the size of:i.ii.10.Angle BCO marked aReflex angle AOC4marksThe point M(5,12) is mapped onto Mˡ(-3,8) under an enlargement with centre Eand scale factor -3. Using vectors, determine the coordinates of E.4 marks2SECTION B (60 MARKS)ATTEMPT ONLY FIVE QUESTIONS FROM THIS SECTION11.a).The table below shows the masses in Kg of S4 students in Pioneer PEASSchool. Copy and complete the table by using an assumed mean of 57.MASS40-4445-495 … Purchase document to see full attachment

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SENIOR FOUR Maths Question Paper Set 1
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