Science study notes exam

SCIENCE PRACTICE EXAM AND REVIEW GUIDENATURAL SCIENCECompetencies:1. Apply scientific knowledge in the reservation of human life and conversation of naturalresources.2. Apply scientific methods in the solution of everyday problems.3. Solve problems in real life situations and suggest solutions related to personal and communityneeds.PART I: RETRIEVING CONCEPTS, PRINCIPLES , AND THEORIES IN NATURALSCIENCEI. Definition of Science➢ Systematized knowledge of objectively verifiable sense experience . It may be• Pure science – the pursuit of knowledge• Applied Science – the search for practical uses of scientific knowledge• Technology – through which applications are realizedII. The Goal of Science•••Not facts themselves but new ideas , principles or models that connect and explain certain factsand lead to useful predictions aboutwhat is likely to happen in nature .Pursues knowledge about how the natural world works.Attempts to discover order in natural and use that knowledge to make prediction about what islikely to happen in naturalIII. How does Sciencework?• Ask a question or identify a problem to be answered• Come up with a variety of possible explanation (hypotheses)• Work on the problem to collect scientific data or fact by making observations and takingmeasurements• Confirm the scientific fact or data by repeated observation and measurement• Through experiments, hypothesis becomes a theory and eventually a lawIV. B … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Science study notes exam
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