Sci theories of the solar system

SCI: Theories of the Solar SystemVORTEX THEORY (DESCARTES)- the Solar System was formed into bodies with nearly circularorbits because of the whirlpool-like motion in the pre-solarmaterialsCOLLISION THEORY (BUFFON)– planets were formed by the collision of the sun with a giantcometNEBULAR THEORY (KANT & LAPLACE)– a great cloud of class (nebula) began to collapse because ofgravitational pull– as the cloud contracts, the spinning speed increases, andtemperature increases– as the nebula contracts further, local regions (which laterbecame the sun and the planets) contract on their own due togravityTIDAL THEORY (JEANS & JEFFREY)– planets were formed from the substance that was torn out ofthe sun– the torn-off material subsequently condensed to form theplanetsSOLAR NEBULAR THEORY– the Solar system was formed as a result of the condensation ofhydrogen gas and dust referred to as interstellar gas and dustcloud– an explosion of a star (supernova) might have caused the dustand gas to collapse– after the formation of the solar system, it generated a verystrong solar wind that swept away the all the gases leftProcess:– the gas and dust colla … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Sci theories of the solar system
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