Review Of Business Intelligence And Company Challenge To Middle Management

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You must define the following concepts and provide a real-life example of each in your PowerPoint presentation. Some of the terms and concepts were covered in the MGMT600 course (the prerequisite for this course). Again, this assignment will be helpful for you and it will be helpful to provide this information in your final assignment for your Vice President because it should be assumed that he has little understanding of analytical concepts. 1.Define the following terms, and provide examples of each. Submit your assignment in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (7–9 slides, plus references): ?Quantitative variables and analysis (review from MGMT600) and examples ?Qualitative variables and analysis (review from MGMT600) and examples ?Business intelligence (review from MGMT600) ?Besides the definition, discuss the value of business intelligence in the transformation or conversion of data into information for decision making. Provide a real-life example. ?Descriptive data and analysis ?Prescriptive data and analysis Purchase the answer to view it
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Review Of Business Intelligence And Company Challenge To Middle Management
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