1REPLY POSTSNAME:INSTITUTIONCOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLE:INSTRUCTOR’S NAME:DUE DATE:2REPLY POSTSPost 1I agree with your post that there are several differences between microeconomics andmacroeconomics concepts. Firstly, macroeconomists focus on the country as a whole or thegovernment and how its activities affect the economy. At the same time, microeconomics isconcerned with the business or people’s relationship to prices. Therefore it further focuses on thedemand and supply forces and how they determine the process of commodities. Thereforemicroeconomics is concerned with human behavior, preferences, decisions, and choicesconcerning resource allocation. However, the connection between microeconomics andmacroeconomics occurs where they both focus on the economy by focusing on the productionand consumption levels within an economy. The supply and demand of products are based onboth individual and government decisions. Martins et al. (2017).Post 2Your post has been educative to me, especially in clearly explaining the differencebetween microeconomics and macroeconomics. Your explanations concerning microeconomicsinvolve ‘looking at the individual trees and … Purchase document to see full attachment

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