Relationships and Risks

Relationships and Risks

As you are watching the news, you see a video clip of a house destroyed by a landslide. An engineer is interviewed and mentions she believes it was caused by slope failure. In the next story, you see a house flowing down the the Mississippi River and a cat stuck in a tree above the flood. Meteorologists are predicting more rain for these areas. As you reflect on this information, consider the hydrologic cycle and the factors responsible for landslides and floods. What is the likelihood of one of these occurring in your locale? In this Application, you will focus on the risk of landslides and flooding in areas where you live.

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To prepare for this Application:

  • Review Chapter 10, “Landslides and Slope Failures” (pp. 267 – 285).

    Review Chapter 11, “Streams and Floods.” Read “11.1 Humans and Rivers”, “11.2 The Hydrologic Cycle”, “11.3 Drainage Networks and Patterns” (pp. 286–2 93); “11.5 The Work of Streams” (pp. 296–303); and “Floods” (pp. 303–308).

  • Review the web sites and animations for this week that are related to landslides and flooding.

    The assignment:

  • Write a 2-page paper in which you do the following:

    Describe the interrelationship of the hydrologic cycle, streams, floods, and landslides.

    • Assess the risk of landslides and flooding in the region or area where you live. Be sure to:
      • Describe factors in your area that make it susceptible to flooding.
      • Address whether or not the topography and home development makes the area prone to landslides.

Note: The area I live in is Camden, Alabama.


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