Reading response week 6

Reading response week 6
Paper details:
Reading Response on one of: • Shaun Best, “The Leicester School of Football Hooliganism: An Evaluation” Soccer & Society Vol 11, No 5, (2010): 573-587. • Richard Giulianotti, “Supporters, Followers, Fans, and Flaneurs” Journal of Sport and Social Issues Vol 26, No 1 (2002): 25-46 • Film: Fever Pitch
Guideline for Reading Responses
A reading response is your chance to demonstrate that you have completed the work and thought critically about it. Reading responses should present a succinct analysis of the sources in question – whether it is a Secondary or Primary source – or a part that struck you as important and meaningful. Your Response should describe how the reading situates itself within broader historiographical, theoretical, methodological or political debates, and – when possible – relate your response to what you learnt in the course. Don’t spend your time simply summarizing or describing the text. This is not an opportunity for stating a general, unreflective opinion that is not supported by evidence drawn from the source in question. It is important to outline the main argument(s) the author(s) make(s), then move on to evaluate their validity. Is the argument supported by evidence? Is the evidence of sufficient quality? Does the material raise new, important questions that ought to be answered? It may be helpful to ask yourself the following questions as you complete the reading and prepare to write your Response. Your answers do not need to be included in your Response but they may help organize your thoughts.
1) What were the main arguments of the reading (most frequently, main points will be in the introduction and conclusion)?
2) Did the author, in your opinion, follow through on these arguments? In other words, is his/her argument well supported by evidence and is it convincing? Why or why not?
3) What questions do you have after completing the reading?
4) What sort(s) of methodology or style does the author use?
5) How does the author make use of historical sources? What kind of evidence does the author present?
6) How does the reading contribute to or fit in with other readings, lecture material, or contemporary events in Germany/Europe/the World? Does it represent a departure from other material we have encountered? You don’t need to use footnotes. When quoting or citing an argument, simply put the author and page numbers in parenthesis. Remember to edit your paper for spelling and grammatical errors: It counts! Word count should be approx. 500—600 words/paper

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