Public Health & Pharmacy Heart Disease

Public Health & Pharmacy Heart Disease

Central Florida College Public Health & Pharmacy Heart Disease Paper

  1. Briefly describe a health issue that is prevalent in your community, (i.e. chronic disease, or infectious disease) and the target population that is most affected by this health issue. 
  2. Describe the role(s) of the public health pharmacist.
  3. Select one (1) of the 11 Public Health agencies that will assist your team in addressing the health issue.  Based on the textbook and your lecture notes, justify why this agency would be the most helpful. 
  4. Draft a social media post for the Public Health agency’s website and/or social media platforms (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, etc.) that would provide awareness about how this health issue impacts the target population and the need for more funding.
  5. This “social media post: can be a written narrative or graphic as long as the point is clear…” Be creative”

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