Project proposal 3 2

JOMO KENYATTA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGYCOLLEGE OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENTSCHOOL OF BUSINESSBACHELOR OF BUSINESS INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGYYEAR 3 SEM 2PROJECT PROPOSALTITLE: A SYSTEM FOR DAY-TO-DAY RECORD KEEPING IN THE NATURALRESOURCE MANAGEMENT OFFICE AT KENYA AGRICULTURAL ANDLIVESTOCK RESEARCH ORGANISATION (KALRO) CENTREWORK COMPILED BY:MIRIA WANYAGA NJIRUHD 232-1396/2011GROUP QPage | 1ABSTRACTRecord keeping involves the maintenance of a history of ones activities. A record proves theexistence of something. It can be done manually by writing on journals and ledgers and storingthe documents in files or electronically by building a system to store data. A record keepingsystem is a systematic procedure by which the records are created, captured, maintained, usedand disposed of. The system ensures their preservation, accurate and efficient updating, timelyavailability and control of access by authorized personnel. Most people opt for the electricalmethod mainly due to modernization, and also due to its efficiency and ease to captureinformation, generate reports and meet tax and legal requirements as compared to the traditionalmanual way.Record keeping is important since it helps to monitor the progress of one’s business, helps ingeneral planning of the business, measure profit and performance, meet legal and taxrequirements, helps individuals prepare their financial statements and reports and helps infinancing decisions.This p … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Project proposal 3 2
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