Usability Test for a Website

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Usability Test for a Website
The Boston website ( is a very interactive website that gives the users an enjoyable and satisfying experience. It leaves the users with an experience that is both engaging and compelling, which is key to strengthening and building a powerful connection between the website and the website users. The website has been designed in a way, which ensures that the users can navigate through it in an easy and most effective manner (Badre, 2012). This leaves the users with a positive experience with the website. Consequently, the architect and the design of this site allow the users to optimize their experience and propel their online success in accessing and obtaining various types of information about the Boston town. For this reason, in case someone that has never been to the Boston town visits the website, he will find this website very useful to him for accessing any information he may need concerning the city.
The website ( is a well thought out web strategy. It provides the user with a clear understanding of the Boston town. According to this paper, the design and development of this website seem to consider the entire digital ecosystem. The website was designed in a way that tends to partner with various key departments in the Boston town, who have the necessary information concerning the town. The designers utilize their experience in the digital ecosystem to align the information according to the needs of the users. The digital presence allows the users to utilize their email, mobile, paid cash and social media, among others, as they search for various types of information when using this website (Badre, 2012). This has been the key factor that the website resonates with its users.
According to the experience of the writer of this paper, the designers of this website appear to understand the potential users of the site. The site has shown this through the creation of immense digital experience, which connects what the purpose of the website to the requirements of the users. This is important in getting the attention of the users and keeping it. This implies that the website has rich content that the users require. In fact, the content on this website is accurate and precise. Besides, there is continuous revision of the content displayed on the website to make sure that is updated. As a result, people visiting the website can obtain very accurate and updated information about the Boston town. One area that requires continuous updating is the business-related information. Therefore, the website has addressed it by creating it a distinct navigation key of its own as well as including it in the online services.
In addition, the website was designed in a very attractive manner. The site delivers this targeted content to the visitors in a very lively manner. It uses the latest technologies in delivering the content to the users. For instance, in case one visits the home page, he is able to obtain basic information, as well as breaking news about the Boston town. The picture and other images on the home page give one a desire to navigate through other pages on the site. Additionally, the navigation models, the mental models and the wireframe have been designed using the latest technologies, which ensure high performance of the website. Furthermore, the design uses a technology that meets the diverse needs of different users. This leaves the users satisfied after visiting the website. In fact, the incorporation of the latest advancements in the technology has enabled the use of this website to be more interactive.
The website has the correct solution to all issues concerning the Boston town. As a result, users have straightforward tasks of obtaining the information they require. Besides, all the information has been written in a language that is easily understandable to users of various levels of literacy. Furthermore, the website has a translator option, which allows the website visitors that speaks different languages to use the site. This helps in marketing the Boston city to various parts of the world, especially to the foreign investors. However, not all the users get it right here. Before one uses the translator button, they are required to have knowledge of Basic English. Besides, someone using the translator can easily notice that the conversion process at the website is not context-sensitive. In fact, users may find it impossible to convert a certain text into its intended meaning. As a result, some information concerning Boston may be distorted in case it is translated using the translator option on the website. The other interesting aspect of this website is the ability to access the website on a mobile phone and tablet format. This implies that the website users can obtain the required information from wherever they are with ease. The design strategy employed here stays in touch with the advancing technology. This enables the site to deliver the content to all users and optimizes their searches, which leaves them satisfied with the services offered.
The official Boston website is of great importance to people planning to visit the city for the first time. The site provides the required information, which will be important to the visitors. By following the visitors’ button, the website gives the visitors the general information about the city. The website has a section of the things to do, which helps in guiding the visitors to various places in Boston. In addition, the site has the section that discusses how to get around the city. This helps the visitors to settle easily around the town. Furthermore, it discusses the culture of the people of Boston in an attracting manner. For this reason, in case someone that has never been in Boston visits the website, he will develop an interest in visiting this place in order to get an experience of the place.
In a nutshell, the design of the website is attractive and encourages the users to navigate through it easily. In terms of the content of information, it is evident that the designers of the website involved all the parties concerned. It contains all the necessary information that someone may want to know about the Boston town. This includes up to the information relating to the government authorities of the city as well as matters to do with business. Besides, all the information contained on this website is updated and accurate. After browsing through this website, one is left with an impression that Boston town is a nice place with unique features. In fact, when one visits the website for the first time, it leaves him with the desire of visiting the Boston town. However, there are some features on the website that are not attractive, and they need amendments. For example, the language translator on the website should be revisited for perfection.
Badre, A. (2012). Shaping Web Usability: Interaction design in context. Boston: Addison-Wesley. – Official Web Site of the City of Boston. (n.d.). Retrieved February 6, 2015, from

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