Process safety management in the oil and gas industry: lessons from the nuclear power industry and the defence industry.

Process safety management in the oil and gas industry: lessons from the nuclear power industry and the defence industry.
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Requirements and layout of contents:
1. Abstract:
? Presented separately from the article and stands alone. Clearly states briefly the PURPOSE of the work, the PRINCIPAL RESULTS of the review and MAJOR conclusions.
? Avoid using references in abstract unless it is very essential.
? Abstract should not count more than 400 words.
2. Introduction:
? States the objectives of the work.
? Provides an adequate background, avoiding a detailed literature survey or a summary of the results.
3. Main Body:
? Establish that the nuclear power, defence and the oil and gas industries Process safety management are complex activities in which team members must respond to unexpected emergencies in a consistent, high quality manner.
? Establish that these are high-risk industries where lives are at stake in their activities (tables and charts showing all industry details would be helpful).
? Establish that these industries have similar leadership structures, training method, safety concerns (concentrate majorly on process safety issues), operational tools, etc.
? Identify similarities between aviation, nuclear power, the defence and the oil and gas industries Process safety management (a table showing all details would be helpful).
? Establish that there is much that can be learned in improving human factors in the oil and gas industry from industries such as the nuclear power and defence and where necessary explain specific challenges that can make it difficult to apply design process and standards that have worked well in other industries in the oil gad industry.
? Establish that the nuclear power industry and the defence industry operate with remarkable consistency and safety while the oil and process safety performance and outcomes are highly variable (Display of data and records in literature in tables and charts would be helpful).
? Explore Processes and standards that are being developed that are specifically customized to the needs of the global oil and gas industry, hence explore lessons that can be gleaned from the aviation the nuclear power industry and the defence industry.
? (Ensure you have concrete lessons to be learned and that you critically analyse these lessons and explained how each lesson mentioned could be implemented in the oil and gas industry)
4. Discussion:
? This explores the significance of the results of the work, but does not repeat them.
? Avoid extensive citations and discussion of published literature.
5. Summary & concluding remarks:
? The main conclusions of the study are presented in a short conclusions section, which may standalone or form a subsection of the main section.
6. References /number of articles reviewed/ Appendices:
? Use Coventry University Harvard Style (in-text citation and referencing).
? Correct in-text citation.
? The reference lists in alphabetical order and properly formatted. Every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa).
? Appendixes are identified as A, B, etc. Formulae and equations if used are given separate numbering: e.g. Eq. (1), Eq. (2), etc similarly for tables & figures: Table 1, Table 2; Fig.1, Fig.2 etc.
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