Principal rivers in the philippines

1PRINCIPAL RIVERS IN THE PHILIPPINESSubject: Water Resources EngineeringLUZON1.Abra River is the 6th largest river system in the Philippines in terms of watershed size. It hasan estimated drainage area of 5,125 square kilometers and a length of 178 kilometers from itssource in the vicinity of Mount Data in the Benguet province. The Abra river originates fromthe southern section of Mount Data. It descends westward to Cervantes, Ilocos Sur and flowsto the province of Abra. At a point near the municipality of Dolores, it is joined by the Tinegriver, which originates from the uplands of Abra.Tributaries: Tineg RiverSOURCElocation: Mount Data, Benguet, Cordilleraelevation: 6 m (20 ft)MOUTH: Mouth of Abra RiverLOCATION: Vigan CityLENGTH: 178 km (110.6 mi)BASIN: 5,125 km2 (1,978.77 sq mi)2.Agno River is a river in the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Traversing the provincesof Benguet and Pangasinan, it is the fifth largest river system in the country with a drainagearea of 5,952 km². It originates in the Cordillera Mountains and empties into the South ChinaSea via the Lingayen Gulf. The river is 206 km long. Roughly 2 million people live in the AgnoRiver Valley and it comprises one of Philippines’ larger population clusters. The riveris dammed by three hydroelectric power plants; the Ambuklao Dam in Bokod, the BingaDam in Itogon, and the San Roque Dam in San Manuel.Tributaries: Tarlac RiverSource:location: Cordillera Mountainselevation: 2,090 … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Principal rivers in the philippines
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