Preschool child

Preschool child

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Who wants to get messy?

  • It’s important for children to explore materials and processes  during their preschool years. Watch this preschooler at play with paint  and tools:
  • The video simply demonstrates a great open-ended or process art  experience being enjoyed by a preschool child.  Did you totally wish you  had your hands in the paint along with him? Or maybe you didn’t think  it was so great. Perhaps it made you uncomfortable or upset to see such  messy and explorative art. 
  • So let’s explore this kind of creative and developmentally  appropriate activity a little more.  I want you to think about YOUR  feelings, your reaction to what you saw. As you reflect, you  might  think also about your own childhood and your personal experiences with  art as a child. 
  • What you feel and think is important and I respect that. And yet,  it’s important to know and understand the values of developmentally  appropriate practice and process, open-ended art for young children.  That’s what we’re going to focus on in this discussion. 

1. Identify two ways that the art activity in the video was developmentally appropriate for a preschool aged child. You can revisit the NAEYC DAP core considerations  (Links to an external site.) or use your text for supportive information. 

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Preschool child
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2. Now, in 1-2 sentences, how would you define “process” or “open-ended” art? Does the activity in the video reflect your definition?

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