Preboard professional education docx

LICENSURE EXAMINATION REVIEWPREBOARDPROFESSIONAL EDUCATION1. Theft school equipment like TV, computer etc. By teenagers in the community itself is becoming a commonphenomenon. What does this incident signify?a. Inability of school to hire security guardsb. Deprivation of Filipino schoolsc. Prevalence of poverty in the communityd. Community’s lack of sense of co-ownership2. Which describe(s) inappropriate practice in the education of young children?a.Individual differences are expected and acceptedb.Integrated teaching-learningc.Isolated skill developmentd.Positive guidance techniques3. Honesty remains a value even if nobody in an organization values it. This pronouncement comes from the mouthof a (an) ____________.a.Pragmatistc. Reconstructionistb.Idealistd. Progressivist4. I cannot forget my friend’s birthday for it comes one day after my birthday.Which principle of association as applied tomemory explains this?a.Contiguityc. Frequencyb.Similarityd. Context5. A fresh teacher graduate is usually idealistic. Which one will most likely inspire her to cling to her idealism?a.Introduction of educational innovationsb.Support of living modelsc.Pressure of workd. High salary6. I cannot help but recall the sister’s convent which served as my boarding house in high school now that am in anoisy boarding house. Which principle of association explains this?a.Similarityc. Frequencyb.Contiguityd. Contrast7. People have ideas about th … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Preboard professional education docx
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