Pipealot Ltd. plans to build a new 600mm oil pipeline

There are working as an Environmental Consultant to a major oil company, Pipealot Ltd.
Pipealot Ltd. plans to build a new 600mm oil pipeline from a point on the National Transmission pipeline to the north west of Ashurst near Southampton (SU 337 115) to the Regional Transmission pipeline to the west of Blackfield (SU 466 022). The working area of the pipeline construction will be approximately 50m wide. There will be only one above ground structure, a Pressure Testing Station, measuring 4.5mL x 5.5mW x 3mH, which will require vehicular access.
Following an initial feasibility study, Pipealot Ltd has chosen its preferred route corridor which is marked on the attached map.
Prior to submitting an application for planning permission or requesting an EIA Screening Opinion, Pipealot Ltd would like you to identify the exact route the pipeline should take within the corridor which will cause the least environmental impacts. It would also like you to select the least impactive location for the Pressure Testing Station, which can be anywhere along your chosen route.
Pipealot Ltd would like you to undertake a Desk Based Assessment to identify any sensitive environmental/archaeological/social receptors in this corridor and design a route that causes the least impact to them. These receptors should be clearly shown on a Constraints Map(s) along with any other likely impacts or constraints that you identify. You will want to consider incorporating some of the identification methods mentioned in class.
Furthermore, where possible the company would like you to suggest any mitigation measures you feel will help reduce any negative impacts. The route should be as straight as possible to reduce costs and should stay within the corridor provided.
Finally the company would like you to develop a strategy for public consultation on this pipeline as an Appendix to your work.
Some notes
The work should follow a report format, with title page, contents, list of tables and figures, executive summary, brief introduction, main findings and key recommendations/conclusions. The actual structure of the report is up to you, but remember this is a consultancy, not a lab or fieldwork report. Please think about the quality of your presentation, especially of the maps you choose to include. They can be hand coloured or computer generated, but they will need to be clear enough to read, contain a scale, legend, north arrow etc.
This is the only piece of assessment for this module and therefore we are looking for a substantial piece of work. This will be read by the Directors of Pipealot Ltd and should therefore be presented in a clear, concise and non-technical manner using maps, diagrams or illustrations where beneficial. These should be integrated in the text and follow the referencing guide as laid out in your Skills Handbook (see attached )
Your report should identify sources of information used.
Important points:
-2500 words + maps, diagrams or illustrations.
-Please I hope that the map is more very clear.
-please don’t forget to use the the data sources and redressal section(3) with significance analysis. there is mitigation recommended and the consultation.
-The map is A3.
-See attached ( lectures, map for the coursework , brife, Easy Mapping to know draw a map and UG skills book )

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