The question is .. “The main terms used in this course like what is mean Pathophysiology and What is a disease in your own words?

Provide one or two examples of the most common diseases from the are you live with references.

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i will pot 2 answer from my classmates then you right Are you Agree or Disagree with APA reference ..

1- the first answer is (Pathophysiology is a science that studies abnormal conditions and changes in the human body, whether they are external or internal changes due to influences and factors such as diseases, genetic abnormalities, or sudden changes in the human body.

Such as the failure of the heart to supply the body with an adequate blood supply, and this is what causes heart disease, especially in Saudi Arabia, as well as a stroke when the blood supply to a part of the brain is cut off or reduced; This prevents brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients)

2- the second answer is Pathophysiology : Deranged function in an individual or an organ due to a disease

The disease :It is an abnormal condition that affects the human body or mind causing discomfort, weakness in functions, or exhaustion for the affected person with
Obesity, diabetes, and heart ischemic diseases are among the most common diseases in Saudi Arabia.

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