Order 1067578 economic discrimination assignment

First Name Last NameInstructorCourse29 October 2020Economic Discrimination AssignmentThe article’s main argument is that increasing the minimum wage is key to reducing theracial wage gap that persists today. The author references the minimum wage history to highlightthe potential effect on the racial wage gap when the federal government takes the bold measureof doubling it from $7.25. Furthermore, the article indicates that the current pandemic hashighlighted the disproportionate pay for the essential jobs that are majorly occupied by people ofcolor. Additionally, the article indicates that in 1963, the Civil rights movement demandedminimum wage to encompass all employment forms, which led to significant increases throughthe Fair Labour Standards Act of 1966. The new minimum wage extended to industries excludedin 1938, such as restaurants, hospitals, laundries, agriculture, … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Order 1067578 economic discrimination assignment
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