Nr 675 final exam questions and answers

N675 Final Exam questions and answersAcute Care Exam 1Week 1 – EENTA primary care provider notes painless, hard lesions on a patient’s external ears that expel a whitecrystalline substance when pressed. What diagnostic test is indicated?Rheumatoid factorEndocrine studiesBiopsy of the lesionsUric acid chemical profileA patient has painful oral lesions and the provider notes several white, verrucous lesions in clustersthroughout the mouth. What is the recommended treatment for this patient?Oral hygiene measuresNystatin oral suspensionSurgical excisionOral acyclovirA patient has sore throat, a temperature of 38.5° C, tonsillar exudates, and cervical lymphadenopathy.What will the provider do next to manage this patient’s symptoms?Prescribe empiric penicillinPerform a rapid antigen detection testRefer to an otolaryngologistOrder an antistreptolysin O titerA 61 year old male presents with a 12 hour history of extremely painful left red eye. The patientcomplains of blurred vision, haloes around lights, and vomiting. It began yesterday evening. On exam,the eye is red, tender and inflamed. The cornea is hazy and pupil reacts poorly to light. The most likelydiagnosis in this patient is:Macular degenerationAcute angle glaucomaIncreased intracranial pressureDetached corneaA patient has recurrent epistaxis without localized signs of irritation. Which laboratory tests may beperformed to evaluate this condition? (Select all that apply.)CBC with pla … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Nr 675 final exam questions and answers
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