Nr 511 week 5 quiz spring 2020

NR 511 Week 5 Quiz (Spring 2020),Attempt Score;15 Outof 15.Question 11 / 1 ptsA 55-year-old female presents to the clinic with complaints of left hand and wrist painand swelling after a slip and fall on the ice yesterday. On examination, the cliniciannotes tenderness at the “anatomical snuffbox.” This finding most likely indicates whichof the following?Correct!Scaphoid fracture.Ulnar styloid fracture.Hamate fracture.Radial head fracture.There is tenderness over the “anatomical snuffbox” in a scaphoid (aka navicular)fracture, the most common injury of the carpal bones. Poor blood supply puts thescaphoid bone at risk of avascular necrosis; therefore, wrist pain and tenderness in theanatomical snuffbox, even without history of antecedent trauma, warrant a wrist x-ray.Question 21 / 1 ptsA 28-year-old male presents to the clinic for follow-up from the emergency department,where he was seen for right forearm pain 3 days ago. He works as a carpenter and isright hand dominant. He states he was diagnosed with right forearm tendinitis and is notsure what this means. As part of teaching, the clinician explains that the condition iscaused by inflammation of one or more of the tendons. Which of the following describestendons?Correct!The collagen fibers that connect muscle to bone.The pouches of synovial fluid that cushion bone and other joint structures.The ropelike bundles of collagen fibrils that connect bone to bone.The fibrocartilaginous di … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Nr 511 week 5 quiz spring 2020
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