MBA executive / Business Leadership / Female Leadership – ethical leadership & corruption

MBA executive / Business Leadership / Female Leadership – ethical leadership & corruption
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Key aspects and task:
• Business Leadership
o get familiar with aspects of: “Female Leadership“ (theory and reality)
• articles uploaded
• articles given
• Read instructor statement
• Read and check for this discussion the uploaded articles
• Discuss and answer the question of the instructor
o Paragraph 1: introduction – definition “ethical leadership” and “corruption”
o Paragraph 2: female leadership and corruption
Women tend to lead transformational and ethically correct. Thus, it may be assumed that women are less corrupt. Find scientific approaches and explain.
o Paragraph 3: view – longterm
If it is true (as we believe it is) that leaders shape the cultures of institutions and also that institutional cultures influence the identities of those within them, we must first express gratitude to innumerable educators who led us to love learning and leading.
Corruption and the inclusion of women in politcal and management levels requires a long-term socio-cultural change. This starts with the education of children and their education at schools and universities. Already here women must be involved.

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