Matter energy and measurements

INORGANIC AND ORGANICCHEMISTRYLecture 1: Matter, Energy andMeasurementsTable 1.Inorganic Chem.Organic Chem.Study of all substancesbut do not containcarbon compoundsStudy of all substancesw/ carbon compoundsnon-volatile/nonflammableVolatile and highlyflammablesoluble/insolubleInsoluble in waterPure Substance-Has a fixed and definite component★ Element – simplest type- cannot be broken down- all elements in the periodictable (metal, non-metal,metalloid)★ Compound – 2 or more elements- acids, bases, salt andoxidesMixture-Physically mixed, not chemically combined★ Homogeneous – a solution- uniform appearance- includes small particles★ Heterogeneous – a colloid, suspension- non-uniform- larger particles- has more than onephaseScientific MethodNONMETAL GAINS NEGATIVELY CHARGEDELECTRONS WHILE METALS LOSEPOSITIVELY CHARGED ELECTRONSSTATES OF MATTER★ Solid – has definite volumeMatter★ Anything that occupies space- has definite shape- compact form➢ Types of Solid-Crystalline solid – has definitearrangements and relativepositionsAmorphous Substance – donot assume any definite form“Supercooled” liqu … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Matter energy and measurements
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