Mathematics reviewer

MATHEMATICS IN OUR WORLDWhat is mathematics?Mathematics, developed by human mind and culture, is a formal system of thought forrecognizing, classifying, and exploiting patterns.(Stewart, p. 1)Where is mathematics?••••in every people’s daily task or activityin nature, arts, music, medicine, and other disciplinesin communitiesIT IS EVERYWHEREWhat is mathematics for?••••••useful in making conclusions and/or predictions of the events of the worlduse to describe the natural order and occurrences of the universeuse to organize patterns and regularities as well as irregularitieshelp to control weather, epidemicsprovide tools for calculationsprovide new questions to think aboutWhat is mathematics all about?numbers, symbols, equations, operations, functions, calculations, abstractions, devisingproofsHow is mathematics done?•••••with curiositywith a penchant for seeking patterns and generalitieswith the desire to know the truthwith trial and errorwithout fear of facing more questions and problems to solveWho uses mathematics?•••mathematicians (pure and applied)scientists (natural and social)everyoneWhy is mathematics important to know / learn?•••It puts order in disorder.It helps us become better persons.It helps make a world a better place to live in.THE FIBONACCI SEQUENCEThe Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where a number is found by adding upthe two numbers before … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Mathematics reviewer
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