Mathematics formulas notes

Review NotesI. ALGEBRA1.1 Laws/ Properties of ExponentsE1.E5.E2.ifE6.ifE7.ifE8.E3.E9.ifE41.2 Laws/ Properties of RadicalsR1.R4.R2.R5.R3.R6.1.3 Special ProductS1.S5.S2.S6.S3.S7.S4.1.4 Factorization PatternsF1.F2.F3.F4.for any positive integerF5.for any positive odd integer1.5 Quadratic Equationa) General Form:wherecoefficient of the 2nd-degree termcoefficient of the 1st-degree termconstant termb) Quadratic Formulac) Sum of the Rootse) Nature of the Roots1. If2. If3. Ifd. Product of the Roots, then, then, thenandandand1.6 Remainder TheoremFor any constant , if a polynomialare real and unequal (or distinct).are real and equal.are complex and divided by1, the remainderis equal to.1.7 Factor TheoremFor any polynomialand any number ,1.8 Ration and Proportiona) Notation for ratio:if and only ifis equal to zero.orb) Notation for proportion:c) Ifis a factor ofor, then1.d) equivalent to1.2.1.9 Variationa) Direct variationb) Inverse variationc) Joint variationconstant of proportionality1.10 Binomial Expansiona) Binomial TheoremB1.b) rth termB2.rth term =1.11 Arithmetic Progression (AP)a) Def: An arithmetic progression is a sequence of numbers such that successive numbers differ by a constantb) Formulas:A1.where1st termcommon differenceA2.nth or last termA3.number of t … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Mathematics formulas notes
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