Math 382 Homework 7 [corrected]

Math 382 Homework 7 [corrected]
Total 60 Points
1. Write a python function
cobweb(f, x0, n, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax)
to draw a cobweb
plot of xed point iteration, where
name of function to plot.
starting point value of x.
number of xed point iterations.
minimum value for x-axis on plot
maximum value for x-axis on plot
minimum value for y-axis on plot
maximum value for y-axis on plot
This is a reminder of what a typical cobweb plot looks like (not for the function you are
working with though, so your cobweb will look dierent).
Demonstrate that your cobweb plot works with the function call
cobweb(cos, 1.0, 200,0, 1.5, 0, 1)
2. Explore the convergence of the logistic map using your cobweb plot.
Run the function you wrote in problem 1 using the function
) =

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