Match the type of committee with a function or trait

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  1. Match the type of committee with a function or trait
    1. These are convened between sessions
    2. These are temporary, short term committees
    3. Calendars and rules
    4. House Higher Education, Senate Judicial Affairs
  2. ad hoc
  3. substantive
  4. interim
  5. procedural
  6. the land office
  7. The TX Dept. of Health
  1. Which of the following is not correct regarding the speaker of the Texas House of Representatives? (you can choose more than one answer if possible)
    1. He or she is vice chair of the Legislative Budget Board.
    2. He or she refers bills to committees
    3. He or she may appoint committee chairs in the House of Representatives
    4. The office is filled by direct popular vote in the general election
  2. The TX Governors “planning powers” are concentrated in
    1. The Office of Budget & Plans
    2. The Office of State/Federal Relations
    3. Economic Development Fund
    4. all of these
  3. This is largely considered the most powerful elective board. Hint: think economy
    1. The Railroad Commission
    2. The State Board of Education
    3. The Board of Prisons and Parole
    4. The Medical Examiners Board
  4. match the Texas department or agency with the correct type designation
    1. promotional
    2. Administrative
    3. regulatory
    4. professional licensing certification
    5. professional and licensing
  5. The Texas Medical Board
  6. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  7. The Texas Commission on the Arts
  8. The Public Utilities Commission
  1. The duty of a coroner is to:( more than one choice possible)
    1. Enforce the orders of a court.
    2. determine the cause of death when a person died outside the presence of competent witnesses, or when circumstances suggested that unlawful means might have been used to induce death
    3. perform autopsies on the bodies of all deceased persons
    4. Make the official pronouncement of death at an execution.


  1. The County _____ is more or less the chief executive, and does have overlapping duties in some legal and policymaking decisions
    1. Sheriff
    2. Attorney
    3. Judge
    4. Commissioner
  2. A state trooper apprehends a motorist on Texas Highway 306 between the city of Spring Branch and the unincorporated village of Fischer in Comal County. The stop occurred outside the Spring Branch city limits. The officer accuses the motorist of operating his vehicle at a speed of 83 mph—13 mph over the posted speed limit. Where would the case be tried?
    1. Spring Branch municipal court
    2. a Comal County justice of the peace court
    3. A Comal County Court
    4. a New Braunfels municipal court
  3. Match the description with the correct jurisdiction or type
    1. Criminal
    2. Supreme Jurisdiction
    3. Limited
    4. Civil Law
    5. Appellate Jurisdiction
  4. Texas municipal courts adjudicates these cases only _____
  5. Texas Justices of the Peace hear both criminal and _____ cases
  6. Civil cases less than 10,000 dollars are heard in courts of ______
  7. Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has ______ over capital cases
  8. County courts have original and ______
  9. match the correct term with concepts and definitions about state & local governments
    1. Special District
    2. State
    3. Municipal
    4. Independent School District
    5. Counties
  10. These governments are responsible for the essential functions of the state
  11. Governments are created with Legislative approval of its’ charter.
  12. Palo Alto College is funded and directed by a ___government
  13. These governments set property tax rates
  14. ___government grants approval for home rule status
  1. Match the definitions with the correct legal term, regarding municipal governments legal status
    1. General law
    2. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
    3. Annex
    4. Home rule
    5. Charter
  2. these cities have extensive ordinance and tax authority
  3. municipalities are created by legislative grant of a
  4. cities under 5,000 population are classified as____cities
  5. small towns (under 5,000) _____is limited to 1/2 mile
  6. home rule status allows cities to ____10% of acreage per year

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