Magnetic effect of current 1

Oersted discoveryMagnetic effect of electric current was first discovered by Oersted in 1820 AD. According to him, when acurrent is passed through a conducting wire placed above and parallel to the axis of a compass needle, theneedle is deflected.When the current is passed through the wire from south to north, the north pole of compass is deflectedtowards the west and when the current is passed through the wire from North to south, the north pole isdeflected towards East as shown in figure.Direction of electric current and Magnetic fieldThe direction of the magnetic field produced by the current carrying conductor is given by followingrules:a) Right hand thumb rule (right hand grip rule)The right-hand thumb rule gives the direction of magnetic field due to the straight current carryingconductor. According to this rule, when the current carrying conductor is gripped by the right hand insuch a way that the thumb points the direction of flow of current, then the curl fingers show thedirection of magnetic field.b) Right hand fist ruleThe direction of magnetic field due toa circular current carryingconductor is given by right hand fist rule. According to this rule,the fingers of our right hand are curled in the direction of currentin the circular conductor, then the direction of the magnetic fieldis given by the direction of thumb.Fleming’s left hand ruleIwhen a current carrying conductor is placed in magnetic field, it experiences aforce called L … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Magnetic effect of current 1
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