LML5001 Applied Australian Migration Law And Practice


You are a registered agent for migration working in a firm.

A twenty-minute phone interview will be conducted with a potential client (your instructor/ assessor) at a mutually agreed time.

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LML5001 Applied Australian Migration Law And Practice
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You have received the following file from the client who has already made contact with you.

“Ruth Fitzgerald, a citizen of Canada is currently visiting her kids in Australia on a visitor visa (Subclass 600).

Ruth is interested in learning if there are any Parent visa options that allow her to stay permanently in Australia.

Do some research about the Migration Regulations and Act prior to meeting with your client. You will be able to quickly answer questions and offer advice to your client.

You must remember that although communication skills are what are being evaluated in this section, the client is expected to receive accurate advice.

It is important to establish a professional connection with potential clients and show the ability to accurately and truthfully obtain information.

If the client has questions, you must be able to answer them.

A good interview structure is: clear opening, listening, information gathering, closing, and closing.



John here, and I am glad to meet Ruth.

Grants Immigration is my company. They help immigrants get to their preferred destinations in Australia and the neighboring countries such as New Zealand.

We are available to provide you with any type of immigration advice.

I am happy to inform you that we strictly adhere to MARA’s code.

We will send you a copy to the consumer’s manual, which also provides details about the services we offer.

Before we move on, I want to tell you that i am a registered immigration agent and I can offer you advice about immigration.

I have to tell you that MARA’s Code of Conduct applies to me. I will send you the Consumer Guide detailing the services I offer.

Explain confidentiality.

We keep your information, including personal details, confidential.

This is because anyone could use your information to commit illegal acts against you.

What can you do?

I am from Canada, and I’m here to visit my Australian children on an Australian subclass Visa 600.

I’d like to know if I can apply for an onshore parent visa to allow me to remain permanently in Australia.

Before we can start, I need to have some personal details.

Current address +43/56666

Telefon: +43677777762

Marital status – Married

Which country are you from?

Canadian is my nationality.

What is your native tongue?

English is my native tongue.

Do you own a passport?

Canadian nationality

Date of Birth: 12-4-1963

Sydney Australia Date & Place

Do you hold an Australian visa


If applicable, when was Australia entered?

Expiry Date?

Are there any conditions to your visa?


…Conditions must be located on the right side of your visa and begin with number 8.

The visa conditions are

Are you an academic or working professional?


If yes, please indicate.

University of Toronto Master of Linguistics

English Literature Bachelors

Diploma in applied linguistics

Are you able to speak and write English?

Yes, I know English and can write it.

Do you have formal English qualifications?


Level at college

Are you a member of your immediate family (e.g., wife/husband)?

Please list your names

My husband lives in Australia while my children also live, study and work there.

I am a Canadian citizen and live in Canada.

Name of Husband: Frank Fitzgerald

Do you have family members in Australia?

Please list names, addresses and relationships.

Name of Husband: Frank Fitzgerald

Lucy Walker; Sister

New Zealand citizens eligible

New Zealand citizens eligible

Are you married or in a de facto domestic relationship?

If yes, please provide the name and address for your spouse or defacto.

Name of Husband: Frank Fitzgerald

Do you have other information you feel may be of use to your application?

I am a freelance journalist and correspond to various media houses.

I may be able to use my skills in both journalism as well as linguistics for this visa application.

I am also a volunteer firefighter, and have extensive skills in fighting bushfires. These occur frequently in Australia and New Zealand forests.

I am healthy and fit.

I believe, based on the information you provided me and subject further consideration, that you may be eligible.

A subclass 600 visitor’s visa that allows you to visit your family and stay in Australia for an undisclosed period.

You can apply for citizenship in New Zealand if your family members are located in Australia.

Before we move on, we will discuss your visa conditions and how they affect you.

A subclass 600 visitor’s visa that allows you to visit your family and stay in Australia for an undisclosed period.

You and your family reside in Australia and are eligible to apply for citizenship in New Zealand. As a Canadian resident, you should be familiarized with the commonwealth laws that apply to those three countries.

The visa condition is extremely good and should be removed.

I will be writing to you within the next 2 days to explain your visa options and advise you on which documents you may need.

You might need to have several documents in order to outline the visa option.

The passport, or the national ID card, is the first document.

This document contains all the details necessary for obtaining a visa.

A colored passport is also required.

A colored passport is essential to allow for easy identification.

The medical checkup certificate from an approved medical institution is required.

Please call our office to schedule an appointment if you are satisfied with my advice.

It will be taken care of from there.

Yes, I’m happy with the advice that the migration officer gave me.

He was an incredible person who wanted to help people in similar circumstances.

It was lovely to have you as a friend and I am glad to help you.

We are grateful for your help.

Family Violence and Commonwealth Laws, Australian Law Reform Commission, 2011,

Grey Areas (Australian Law Reform Commission (2012)

Migration and Refugee Law (Cambridge University Press (2012)

John Vrachnas. Migration And Refugee Law in Australia (Cambridge University Press (2006)

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