Legal Aspects of Sport Research Paper

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Legal Aspects of Sport Research Paper
research TITLE IX court cases in their State of employment/residence. Utilizing the LEXIS-NEXUS legal search engine should be of great help to you in this paper.
Students will research a recent Title IX case. Students will explain how the outcome of the recent court case (3 to 5 years) affect his/her position as a teacher or coach.
Students will write a minimum 5 page APA formatted paper on this subject, including APA appropriate references.
The report will be organized as follows:
A. Title page
B. Introduction
Statement of the Issue/Court Case
C. Background
A review/list any cases related to the issue
D. Current Status
An explanation of current (within last 3-5 years) cases and problems related to the issue (e.g. challenges to previous rulings or cases that were won/lost using previously established statutes)
E. Conclusion
The significance of the issue as it relates to sport today – is it still a prominent issue or pretty much established?
1.Use one-inch (1”) right, left, top, and bottom margins for all pages.
2.Use Times New Roman font in the 12-point size throughout the paper.
3.Double-space each line within the text, reference list, appendices, footnotes, tables, and figure captions.
4.Do not add an extra line space between paragraphs. The beginning of a new paragraph is indicated by the indentation (one tab space) and adding an extra line space is redundant and also lacks aesthetic appeal.
5.No additional line space is needed between a heading and paragraph.
6. Headings are boldface for centered headings, headings at the left margin, and headings that begin paragraphs.
7. Pagination should be 1 inch from the edge of the page on the right and approximately 0.5 inches from the top.
8.Exclude a “running head.”
9.Use two (2) spaces after all punctuation at the end of a sentence.
10.Use numerals to express numbers 10 and above, and words for numbers nine and below.
11.Microsoft Word is the standard word processor for this Master’s program. Your professor may make comments on your drafts using a Word feature called “Track Changes.” Using Word’s online help feature (“Microsoft Office Word Help”), become familiar with the use of Track Changes. Other Word features especially useful may be (a) tables; (b) setting tabs (and, for a table of contents, tab leaders); and (c) for page numbers (setting starting page numbers, and where page numbers should start by inserting Section Breaks).
12.Use Word’s spelling and grammar checker. But don’t assume that spell checker will catch everything—proofreading is still needed to catch errors like “here” in place of “hear.” Microsoft Word’s Spelling and Grammar Checker” catches extra spaces as well as repeated words. Please check every word, space and phrase that is underlined in green or red.
13. Generally speaking, avoid using the word I, unless you are the sole author of the document. Likewise, avoid using the word we, unless you are a co-author of the document.
14. Your reference list should only include sources that you cite in the body of your paper.
15. If you cite a reference, you are tacitly certifying that you have read the entire journal article or pertinent book chapter(s), are familiar with the contents, and have evaluated the substance of the work in terms of your task.

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