Lab 3

Numerical Methods for EngineersLab # 3Optimization using MatlabThe Matlab function LINPROG can be used to solve a linear programming problem with thefollowing syntax (help LINPROG):X=LINPROG(f, A, b) solves the linear programming problem:min f’*xsubject to: A*x <= bX=LINPROG(f, A, b, Aeq, beq) solves the problem above while additionally satisfying theequality constraints Aeq*x = beq.X=LINPROG(f, A, b, Aeq, beq, LB, UB) defines a set of lower and upper bounds on thedesign variables, X, so that the solution is in the range LB <= X <= UB. Use empty matricesfor LB and UB if no bounds exist. Set LB(i) = -Inf if X(i) is unbounded below; set UB(i) =Inf if X(i) is unbounded above. LINPROG minimizes an objective function.Example # 1:Minimize z =  150x1  175x2Note: Maximizing (150x1 + 175x2) is equivalent to minimizing ( 150x1  175x2)Subject to7x1 + 11x2  7710 ... Purchase document to see full attachment

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Lab 3
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