Jillian Pandorf Natural Selection Lab Tusk versus Tuskless Elephants

Natural Selection Lab: Tusk versus Tuskless ElephantsUse the video link below to answer the pre-lab questions.http://www.hhmi.org/biointeractive/selection-tuskless-elephantsPre-Lab Questions1. What happened to the Gorongosa elephants duringthe time of the civil war? They hunted tusks fromelephants2. What is the purpose of the Gorongosa RestorationProject? They want to increase the population of theelephants3. What observation did Dr. Poole make about thepopulation of elephants as they recovered? Noticed a lot of younger femaleswere born without tusks4. Why is having tusks important for male elephants? To fight for the female5. Why Is there a high percentage of tuskless females in the elephants that areolder? Because the females were not hunted for their tusks6. What happened to the population of younger female elephants? Born withouttusks 30%7. How is this an example o … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Jillian Pandorf Natural Selection Lab Tusk versus Tuskless Elephants
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