Jazz works

Jazz works
Your text describes jazz as American music that has a simple, repetitive, poetic-musical structure. In order to create more interest, improvisation becomes a key element in jazz. Using the songs from your text like Billie’s Blues and Duke Ellington’s Take the A Train and if you like, some tunes from the external links for this week, explain why the editors are correct in their assessment that jazz fits the bill as a poetic-musical structure.
Use your ears to find the answer. Listen to phrasing, lyrics, and the instrumental improvisations in these numbers to find your answers. You do not have to reference every song that I have given you access to, but please work through at least two or three different numbers. Please cite these specific songs as examples, and feel free to state opinions about the tunes.
Here are everything you guysshould know about this week topic.

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Jazz works
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