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Please find the attachment for example 3 word document for 3 assignment Topic : **************** Cyber Security ****************Assignment 1: WK2 Topic ProposalAssignment 2: WK3 IntroductionAssignment 3: WK5 Literature Review and Table of Contents (Outline)**************** Assignment 1: WK2 Topic Proposal **************** **************** Cyber Security ****************Topic/Thesis Proposal Remember, any information technology topic is fine! What do you find interesting in the information technology industry? Take a look at the Gartner link and other interesting links provided in the COURSE MATERIALS area in the LESSONS section for some ideas. Review IT-based literature. Go to PCMagazine.com (http://www.pcmag.com/), PCWorld.com (http://www.pcworld.com/), ITWorld.com (http://www.itworld.com/).These websites will give you some thoughts regarding technology. Also, what are you experiencing in your day-to-day operation in technology? Note the following hot topics:The Library video: http://youtu.be/1tHf5XaXjCUDuring this week, each student will fill out the Topic/Thesis Proposal. The instructor will Approve, Reject or Conditionally Approve pending further information. This exercise is necessary for you to continue onto the paper development phase of the course.AT NO TIME ARE YOU AUTHORIZED TO CONDUCT ACTUAL RESEARCH, IMPLEMENT SURVEYS OR CONDUCT INTERVIEWS RELATED TO THIS RESEARCH PROJECT. THIS IS A DESIGN PROJECT AND YOU WILL NOT ACTUALLY CARRY OUT THE RESEARCH AS PART OR THIS COURSE. YOU WILL CONDUCT A LITERATURE REVIEW AND A RESEARCH DESIGN.Grading RubricMajor AreasPoints AvailablePoints EarnedCommentsClearly define the Topic and Thesis Statement. SOURCES TO CONSIDER:Choosing a Topic2525Provide a brief overview of your topic (Provide the intended reasons for the research- no set number of pages).2525Provided at least five scholarly articles to support selected topic in the reference area.SOURCES TO CONSIDER:What is a Scholarly Article—see the link: /access/content/group/science-and-technology-common/ITCC/ITCC500/APA%20Resources/What%20is%20a%20Scholarly%20Article.pdfSearching for Literature Reviews: Before You Write, You Have to Find: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Vw1-rljpuQReviewing a Sample Literature Review (Part I): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zswuIJ7-hB42525Writing Format: APA- Your paper should be in APA formatting. That means it should have a cover page and be double spaced. Please follow the APA guidelines.SOURCES TO CONSIDER:1010Grammatical, spelling or punctuation—the writing must be grammatically correct, clear and concise. The response needs to be well formulated and easy to read and understand. Use correct terminology when needed.1515Total100100Submission Instructions: Submit your completed paper in Word.docx format.**************** Assignment 2: WK3 Introduction **************** INTRODUCTIONVideo Transcript: http://edge.apus.edu/access/content/group/science-and-technology-common/ITCC/ITCC500/Transcripts/Title%20Abstract%20Introduction%20and%20Literature%20Review%20%20VideoTranscript.docx(See the Transcript as Attachment below)This section should grab the reader’s attention to the problem you want to look into – try and note why the information might be important. Would it inform policy? Might it lead to more safe conditions? Etc.How To Write Intro/Thesis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7cbO4rkexcSubmission Instructions: Your Introduction is typically about 1-2 pages in length.IMPORTANT: The paper must meet the APA 6th Edition format criteria established by the American Psychological Association. The assignment allows re-submission primarily for you to assess your matching percent. Major Areas to Review: This section is expected to be over 1 page in length however typically less than 3 pages with appropriate references. Please include the following:Points AvailablePoints
AwardedProblem (Use Level 2 Heading): What is the problem you aim to address in your paper? What is the problem you hope to solve? Based on the type of study intended, present here a clear statement of the problem to be investigated.1515Purpose (Use Level 2 Heading): while the purpose statement is used to provide the scope and direction for your paper, it is also used to make a commitment to the reader in respect to what the reader will discover before reading the paper. When you write your paper, you will use several sentences to write your purpose statement. Your thesis statement is generally placed at the end of your purpose statement. Please do not use first or second person. Use third person point of view when writing.1515Research Questions ( Use Level 2 Heading): Provide two to three. Based on the type of study intended, present here a clear set of specific research question(s) which your study will address.1515Significance of the Study (Use Level 2 Heading): Delineate the significance of the research, what knowledge will it create, what gaps in our knowledge will it help fill, how will it advance the selected theory or theories, what new research methods will it advance, how the results may be applied to improve existing policy or procedures, etc.—as appropriate for the study.1515Definitions of Terms that you Have (Use Level 2 Heading): What are unclear terms you need to define for the reader? You will build on your list of terms as you write your Literature Review.1515Writing Format: APAYou are to submit your Introduction that typically ranges from 1 – 2 pages in length with no less than 5 peer reviewed references.**************** Assignment 3: WK5 Literature Review and Table of Contents (Outline) **************** Instructions:
LITERATURE REVIEWVideo Transcript: http://edge.apus.edu/access/content/group/science-and-technology-common/ITCC/ITCC500/Transcripts/Title%20Abstract%20Introduction%20and%20Literature%20Review%20%20VideoTranscript.docxGrading Rubric:Major Areas to ReviewPoints AvailablePoints
AwardedCommentsTable of Contents (Outline of your paper–you will adjust as you progress with the completion of your paper):Provide a projected Table of Contents as outlined in Appendix 9: Sample of a Table of Contents of the Capstone Manual (You may use the example, but place in the correct format for the final paper).The Capstone Manual: The APUS End of Program Assessment Manual for Graduate Studies (aka the EOP Manual) is located at http://apus.libguides.com/APUS_ePress/EOP_Manual.As a guide, you may build your Table of Contents and write your literature review based on one or more of the following organizational patterns:Source for more information: Pattern of Organizations. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://faculty.washington.edu/ezent/impo.htm.2020Literature Review: You are to submit your Table of Contents, Introduction, Literature Review ranging from 7 – 15 pages in length with no less than 5 peer reviewed references as a complete paper.Use the Table of Contents to guide the flow of the paper!What is a peer-reviewed article?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqOyLa5py68Searching for Literature Reviews: Before You Write, You Have to Find: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Vw1-rljpuQReviewing a Sample Literature Review (Part I): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zswuIJ7-hB44040Reference (need at least 5 Peer-Reviewed/scholarly references):What is a Scholarly Article—see the link: /access/content/group/science-and-technology-common/ITCC/ITCC500/APA%20Resources/What%20is%20a%20Scholarly%20Article.pdf1010**************** ************************************************************************************************Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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