1INTRINSIC MOTIVATION IN THE CLASSROOM.NAME:INSTITUTIONCOURSE NUMBERCOURSE TITLE:INSTRUCTOR’S NAME:DUE DATE:2Intrinsic motivation in the classroom.Introduction.Intrinsic motivation is the ability to do something expecting nothing in return. This isbecause maybe one feels it is enjoyable and exciting though there is no reward. An excellentexample in the classroom is that students feel it interesting when learning because they know thatthey are building their future if they perform well. This means that they take their studiesseriously not because they need any reward, but the main objective is to make their future better.Purpose of the study.Therefore, students work hand in schools to build their future. In my opinion, this is thebest topic that I have selected since the students’ future life helps them feel motivated to workharder in schools for better performance. There are many types of rewards for students in schoolsthat motivate them to work hard, but their main aim is to work handd even in the absence of anyrewards. They feel motivated because apart from their school rewards, they will change theirfuture to be more admirable. This study aims to encourage students and motivate them towardstheir tomorrow life rather than today. When students perform well in schools, they usuallychoose a better life than they may admire. (Serin, 2018).Context.However, the school should have expert teachers who will equip the students with thenecessary knowl … Purchase document to see full attachment

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