International Politics Current Event Memo

International Politics Current Event Memo
Spring 2015
Professor Jenn Larson
Hard copy due to your TA at the beginning of Week 11’s recitation
section. AT MOST 2 PAGES, double spaced, plus the printed
article STAPLED to your writeup.
You are encouraged to discuss potential answers with fellow classmates. How-
ever, the writeup must be
your own.
Find an article from a reputable news organization
printed since February 1, 2014
that covers
a story relevant to one of the three subjects in international political economy we have covered:
International Trade, International Financial Relations, or International Monetary Relations. Print
out the article and staple it to your answers to the following questions:
Which topic is your article most relevant to: International Trade, International Financial
Relations, or International Monetary Relations?
Brie y summarize the article.
Who are the main actors covered by the article and what are their relevant interests?
What institutions are relevant to your article?
Lectures have pointed out many controversies in IPE{ some groups favor free trade, some do
not; some see the IMF as a helpful institution, some see it as a hurtful institution; some prefer
a world currency, some prefer country-specic currencies; and so on. How can the information
in your article be used to take a side in one of the controversies raised in class?

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