Industry, Labor, And American Development

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Industrialization heavily revolutionized the United States between Reconstruction and the first World War. Tycoons ushered in the age of Big Business, as inhabitants of United States became a labor force that transformed the nation into one of the top Economic hubs in the world. The drive to acquire natural resources and output manufactured products at phenomenal rates led to increased employment opportunities for internal and external migrant labor and achieved record profits for the leaders of industry.Nevertheless, the new economic landscape stoked tensions between groups of different economic, racial, ethnic, and political communities. As tycoons built monopolies, labor unions used both politics and violence to claim their share of the profits. Increase economic opportunities for Immigrants, African-Americans, and women occurred in this period, but these opportunities as some face restrictions for entrance into certain positions and unions. The effectiveness of Local, State, and Federal Governments in managing the influence of Laissez Faire Capitalism changed the role of politicians in economics.For this essay, argue the main factors in the growth of the American economy from 1877 to 1918. Additionally, discuss how these factors affected changes in American society in this period.This essay requires students to answer the prompt by choosing a factor in the US economy that led to America’s industrial growth in the late 1800s and early 1900s. There can be more than one factor. However, students must conclusively demonstrate why these factors are more important than other similar circumstances. Examples of factors include discoveries of natural resources or the development of a tycoon class.Then, show how a chosen factor contributed to social or political changes in American society. Why did labor unions grow in membership or how the enforcement of anti-monopoly acts became politically important?—To receive a high grade, students must:Paper Organization:Citations: Supporting Sources for Essay 1:A Journalist Visits a Chicago Sweatshop.pdfEyewitness at the Triangle Fire.pdfHow I Become a Socialist.pdfIf I Were a Man.pdfOur Country Perils The City.pdfThe Atlanta Exposition Address.pdfThe Gospel of Wealth.pdfThe History of the Standard Oil Company.pdfThe Misconduct of Packingtown.pdfThe Progressives and Motivation for Reform.pdfWaifs in New York City Slums.pdfWhat Does the Working Man Want.pdfPurchase the answer to view it
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