CSC205: Homework #1 – Deck of CardsDue: Wednesday, September 8 (at midnight)Point Worth: 15Requirements:1. Be sure to follow the instructions outlined for each class, function, etc.EXACTLY as described.• This includes small things such as: spelling names correctly, usingappropriate data types for variables / functions, etc.• Also, unless stated otherwise, all functions and [class] variables shouldbe public and non-static (by default).2. Unless stated otherwise, your final solution should NOT print any output.• You can utilize print statements for testing purposes, just be sure todelete or comment out said code before turning in your work.• Also, your main method is unimportant since it’ll NOT affect your grade(and should only be used to test your work).Tips:1. Complete “Part 1” first. “Part 2” relies on what was created in the prior part.2. To those who are unfamiliar with what [standard] playing cards are, Irecommend that you read up on the following article.• Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_52-card_decko The introductory paragraphs and the “Rank and Color” sectionshould give you an idea of what each class is suppose to encapsulate.3. I … Purchase document to see full attachment

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