Human Patient Simulations

Human Patient Simulations
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Resources provided
1. attachment of:Nehring&Lashleychapter 1, 2, 3
2. Watch the following video clips
3. attachment of: power point presentation
4. attachment of: NCSBN report on National Study on simulation.
5. attachment of: Lasater, K. (2007b). High-fidelity simulation and the development of clinical judgment: Students’ experiences. Journal of Nursing Education, 46(6), 269-276.
6. attachment of:Ravert, P. (2008). Patient simulator sessions and critical thinking. Journal of Nursing Education, 47(12), 557-562.
7. Recommended Videos
8. Additional Resources
Instructions for this paper:
1. follow (Directions for Assignment #6)
2. Ensure that all criteria to (Homework Assignment #6) points system are met as described below in the point earned grading criteria
Human Patient Simulations
Directions for Assignment # 6:
1. Complete this week’s reading assignment.
2. Review lesson PowerPoint.
3. Write a 3-4 page paper addressing the following:
• Describe three main advantages of simulation in nursing education; identify three disadvantages and explain how you would address those in your nursing program. Provide literature support from at least two scholarly articles and the NCSBN’s national study on Simulation. May use resources from week’s discussion question.
4. Use proper grammar and sentence structure.
5. APA format.
Assignment #6
Component Criteria Points Earned
Human Patient Simulations • Describes three main advantages of simulation in nursing education.
• Lists three disadvantages and explain how you would address those in your nursing program.
• Provides literature support. 75
Grammar, structure, organization,
APA formatting. • Uses appropriate sentence structure and grammar.
• Writing has clarity and is organized.
• Paper formatted in APA style.
• All citations are properly cited and referenced with APA.
Total Possible Points 100
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