Human elements in a project unit 3 discussion board

Project Stakeholders are individuals or groups of people who can be under and beyond theauthority of the project manager. They are involved and/or have invested in the project. Individuals suchas members of the project team, customers/clients, along with people who are affected by the project’soutcome either directly or indirectly (ex. residence of the community).Project stakeholders ultimately determine whether the project is a success or not. This isbased on if the expectations and requirements of the stakeholders were fulfilled to their satisfaction, ifnot then the project is deemed as being incomplete. There are several different types of stakeholders,all of which have different roles, responsibilities, and/or interest in the company’s InformationTechnology project. Some of the different types of stakeholders include (but aren’t limited to): Users,government agencies, suppliers, employees or project team members, the community, sponsor of theproject, client/customers, architects and designers, business analysts, plus many more.Three of the more common IT project stakeholders are the project managers, the projectteam, and the client/customer of the company cond … Purchase document to see full attachment

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Human elements in a project unit 3 discussion board
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