How well Durex is managing their product line and make recommendations for the future.

How well Durex is managing their product line and make recommendations for the future.
Project description
Detail why you are proposing particular recommendations. Can you make the recommendations based on the following: Redefining the product (product onion), determining the gaps in the market reach for the product range, reflect upon possible new products and their development processes, review the product range in relation to the product life cycle and the category attractiveness, review the product portfolio using graphs and tables (includes BCG), consider the pricing structures giving examples, consider stretching and pruning the line and the allocation of resources to each product.
Although you might make a few suggestions to change elements of the product line and the product management processes, you could also make some recommendations yo keep some things the same. Where you have determined that parts, of the product management processes and the product line don’t require change, please do recommend that Durex continues with condom products or a particular process.
Can you draw Durex BCG matrix and product life cycle?

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